"It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it."

-Bernie Mack

As a working voice over talent, you will often find yourself on your own when it comes to auditioning.  You will need to rely upon your own judgement when it comes to breaking down a script and deciphering the read that the producer is likely looking for.  Until you reach the point where you have the asset and skill of a well-honed sense of self-direction, you can benefit greatly by being directed and guided in your auditions.

For new and established talent alike, I provide consultations and direction for voice over auditions.  I can provide this service during a recording session at my studio, or monitoring via telephone, Zoom, Skype or SourceConnect.  This gives you a chance to deliver a much more refined read and a better shot at booking the gig.  Also, it makes for a great learning exercise and confidence builder...things that will certainly benefit you in subsequent auditions and bookings.

The next time you are given the opportunity to audition for a project and you want to put your best foot forward, then reach out and let's discuss how I can assist you in doing so.

“I have attended some of Marc’s one on one coaching here with fellow Aussies and his relaxed, conversational but informative style relates well to other nationalities beyond his American base. Being Coached and advised is a necessary part of keeping your Voice Over work valid, authentic, and bookable. I highly recommend considering Marc Preston Consulting as an ongoing resource in your VO career.”

Luke O'Neill

Voice Talent | Brisbane, QLD | Australia