This week on the Cabana, we’ll be chatting about Agents & Managers.  This is one of the most commonly broached topics that my students like to discuss.  What is the difference between an agent and a manager? Do you need representation? When are you ready for representation?  What is the best approach to seeking out representation? Stop by the Cabana this week and let’s discuss this element of a voice talent’s marketing recipe!


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**SOVAS ( I’m proud to have partnered with SOVAS to help spread the word about their big annual shindig!  Coming up on Saturday, November 16th, SOVAS will be putting on their annual That’s Voiceover! Career Expo in Los Angeles.  This is the premier event for working talent to connect, learn and catch up.  This is also a great opportunity for new VO talent to mix and make connections with some of the most successful talent in our industry, as well as agents, vendors and other new talent.  The weekend will wrap up with the annual Voice Arts Awards on Sunday, November 17th.  I had the honor of being a juror for this year’s awards, and can assure you that there will be some wonderful talent in attendance.  Just click the link for more info about the event and how to pick up your tickets.

**VOCALBOOTH ( I have been using his Vocalbooth soundbooth for nineteen years.  I was one of the first voice talent to use one of their fine booths, and can’t say enough good things about the function, quality and support.  Their new designs and function puts them in a class of their own. They craft bespoke sounds booth that look, feel and perform better than booths costing quite a bit more.  If you’re looking for a soundbooth, then shoot me an email and let me know what questions you have. These guys make an epic product and know what VO talent need!

**UNIVERSAL AUDIO ( I’m happy to welcome Universal Audio onboard as a sponsor.  The Universal Audio name is legendary in the recording industry.  For over sixty years, UA has been pioneering iconic recording studio gear.  Among their other great products, the Apollo line of audio interfaces is spot on for voiceover talent.  These units are equally at home in a recording studio, as they are as part of a voiceover talent’s portable “road rig”.  This product is unique, in that its plugins make it possible to emulate the sound of a long list of iconic analog gear…making it possible to free up rack space and really bring your mic to life!

**SOURCE ELEMENTS ( I’m proud to have the good folks from Source Elements on board and supporting the VoiceOver Cabana.  They are the folks behind the ISDN alternative, “Source-Connect”. For years, Source-Connect has been an industry standard in remotely connecting voice talent with clients via a simple internet connection.  Source-Connect provides a proven, simple and cost effective means of allowing clients to monitor or record sessions that you voice from your studio. I have used Source-Connect for years, and am jazzed to have them be part of the VoiceOver Cabana!