In this episode of “Preston’s VoiceOver Cabana”, I discuss why it’s so important to get training with the right coach.  I also touch on the very real paradigm of predatory charlatans who tout themselves as “coaches”. I’ll give you some simple and easy to follow tips on how to steer clear of these snake oil salesmen, as well as how to find the “right” coach.  For new voice talent, guided training is mission critical for getting you set on the right path for success. For established talent, this objective evaluation and “update” to your training is what will keep you in the game. Tiger Woods has been a successful pro for a very long time. Yet, he has a coach…and he just got himself a fancy green jacket! 😉  Whether you’re a new or established voice talent, I welcome you to come on in to the cabana and sit down for a chat that will invigorate you and dial you into the Zen of good coaching…and success!

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